2015-08-07 10:25
The Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea published Life and the Family

The Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea (CPIK, Director: Most Rev. Peter Kang U-il) published the book, Life and the Family, based on the survey of life and the family. The same institute conducted the survey in cooperation with Gallup Korea. The respondents were 1,000 Catholics and 1,000 non-Catholics from all regions in Korea. The purpose of the survey was to collect basic materials for setting up the direction of the pastoral care for families and the life movements. It was also in preparation for the coming Synod of Bishops who will meet around the theme, “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and the Contemporary World.”


According to the survey, Catholics are more satisfied with family life than non-Catholics. The Catholics agree with Catholic teachings on bioethics. However, they have little understanding of the ethical aspects of concrete and practical matters, such as contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and so on. Analysing the result of the survey, the persons related to the Church propose that the Church should develop educational programs for life and the family. The programs should take into consideration the reality, reflecting the opinions of the family, the place of practicing bioethics.


The result of the survey was reported to the 2014 Autumn Plenary Assembly of the CBCK. The publishing of the book Life and the Family aims to help Church organizations, parishes, and dioceses to utilize the book as material for further study and pastoral reference.