2015-11-16 11:59
National Common Educational Materials for Marriage Preparation


The CBCK Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry (President: Most Rev. Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil) held the 4th national meeting of diocesan director priests for family pastoral ministry at the conference hall of the Archdiocesan Chancellery of Daegu on October 16, 2015.


In the last meeting the director priests had agreed upon the publication of Guideline for the Marriage Preparation Program and Educational Materials for Marriage Preparation, expressing their sympathy with the importance of the marriage preparation program as well as the necessity of common educational materials. In this regard, they submitted ‘A Plan for the development of Common Educational Materials for Marriage Preparation’ to the Permanent Council of the CBCK.


The participating diocesan director priests for family pastoral ministry made a comprehensive review of the suggestions of each diocese based on the above mentioned plan. Especially, they reaffirmed that they would do their best for the qualitative enhancement of marriage education, as the formation for marriage is not a single event but an ongoing process demanding resolution and effort on the part of the faithful.


They also decided that metropolitan dioceses will principally prepare a marriage preparation program which can be completed in a day, paying due consideration to the engaged couples who do not have enough time for a program that takes more than one day.