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2012-08-02 16:33
A new video promoting the CBCK, “The Catholic Church in Korea”

A new video promoting the CBCK, “The Catholic Church in Korea”


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea (CBCK) produced and distributed a 10-minute video entitled “The Catholic Church in Korea”. This video will be a useful guide of the Catholic Church in Korea for the people who first encounter her, such as catechumens and non-believers.


This video shows the Catholic Church in Korea which brings the Good News to the world and responds to the demands of the times. It introduces in brief her history, including her introduction without assistance of foreign missionaries, in a unique way unprecedented in the world. It also shows today’s status and role of the Catholic Church in Korea. She takes the initiatives in movements for sharing love and for life and peace, following the teachings of Jesus Christ and the examples of her ancestors in faith.


In its second half, this video introduces the CBCK, which has been accompanying the faithful as a pivotal organization for the Catholic Church in Korea. It also shows the efforts of the bishops in Korea for the unity of the Korean Catholics: they gather to discuss together matters of common interest, to ponder upon pastoral missions at the national level and to suggest applications of the Church’s social teaching.


This video can be seen on the website of the CBCK and its digital file will be distributed free of charge to the groups which want it(through email:media@cbck.or.kr). In addition, the video in English version(http://youtu.be/eMrEMqchuR0) is also to be distributed.