General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the CBCK and the ordinary body for the common activity of the bishops. The CBCK has both the Ordinary General Assembly and the Extraordinary General Assembly. The Ordinary General Assembly is held regularly two times a year in Spring and Autumn in accordance with the art. 8 of the Statutes of the CBCK.

- The competence of the General Assembly is as follows (cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 15)

1. to discuss and decide national common pastoral problems that are adopted by the Permanent Council;
2. to make decisions on doctrinal matters (cf. Apostolos Suos, nn. 21-24);
3. to discuss and decide on petitions, responses and reports to the Apostolic See;
4. to elect bishops representing the CBCK to the Assembly of the Synod of Bishop or other similar meetings (cf. CIC, can. 346, §1);
5. to draw up or change the Statutes of the CBCK and to ask the Apostolic See to recognize the changes (cf. CIC, can. 451; can. 454, §2);
6. to elect the officers of the CBCK, the members of the Permanent Council, the Chairmen of the Episcopal Commissions, the Presidents of the National Committees, and the Moderators of national organizations and to nominate the Executive Secretary of the CBCK (cf. CIC, can. 452, §1);
7. to establish or abolish Episcopal Commissions and National Committees and organizations and after deliberation to make decisions on the reports and proposals of the commissions, committees and organizations;
8. to establish national public associations and to nominate their moderators (cf. CIC, can. 312, §1, 2°; can. 317, §1);
9. to approve the statutes of national private associations and to direct their activities (cf. CIC, can. 322, §2; can. 323);
10. to deliberate and make decisions on the budget and statement of accounts prepared by the Permanent Council;
11. Even after the completion of deliberation on the submitted agenda, by the consent of a two-thirds majority of the members, the members can discuss and decide on new proposals of the members.