Permanent Council

The Permanent Council of the CBCK is comprised of the President, the Vice-president and the Secretary and two members elected by the General Assembly of the CBCK. It holds meeting every two months, but if necessary, the President can convoke a meeting at a convenient time.

The Permanent Council is to take care of the following(cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 30, 32; CIC. can. 457):

1. to prepare the agenda of the General Assembly and distribute it to the members of the CBCK at least two weeks prior to the opening of the General Assembly and to present it opportunely to the Apostolic Nuncio in Korea;
2. to execute the decisions of the General Assembly;
3. to represent the CBCK in place of the General Assembly in an extraordinary situation;
4. to nominate the members and secretaries of the Episcopal Commissions, secretaries of the National Committees, superiors of national organizations, and Undersecretaries of the General Secretariate of the CBCK according to the formal procedure;
5. to nominate assistant priests for national private associations;
6. to promote cooperation among National Committees and national organizations;
7. to invite persons concerned to the General Assembly;
8. to make a prior examination of public announcements of organizations pertaining to the CBCK.
9. to prepare the annual budget of the Episcopal Commissions, the National Committees, the National Organizations and General Secretariat of the CBCK to be approved by the General Assembly;
10. to manage the money and properties which are entrusted by the General Assembly or its members or are collected for the use of the CBCK;