General Secretariate

The General Secretariate is directly subject to the Permanent Council which is in charge of the recommendation of a candidate for the Executive Secretary and the appointment of Undersecretaries of the General Secretariat in consultation with their proper ordinaries (cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 37, 38).

Secretary General of the CBCK Rev. Stephanus LEE Cheol Soo
Director of Administration of the CCK Rev. Simon KIM Jong-gang
Undersecretary of the CBCK Rev. Thomas SHIN Woo Sick
Director of Communications of the CCK Rev. Timothy NAM Jae Hyun

The Secretary General is in charge of the following affairs (cf. Statutes of the CBCK, art. 39):
1. to manage all affairs of the General Secretariate under the direction and supervision of the President of the CBCK;
2. to summon the Secretaries of National Committees and the superiors of national organizations to promote their mutual solidarity and cooperation.
3. to summon at least once a year all working-level officers of each diocese (chancellors and financial officers) to learn the methods used to execute the decisions of the CBCK;
4. to communicate with the general secretariats of bishops’ conferences in other countries (cf. CIC, can. 458, 2°);
5. to prepare the meetings of the General Assembly and the Permanent Council and to attend those meetings.